FUNCTIONALITY at its finest
The device is specially designed to be easily adapted to different types of bikes. It doesn’t add significant weight to the bike. Made of aluminum, you place it on the rear wheel and then connect it to the steering wheel through cable. Just a couple of minutes to set up your bike and it is ready-to-ride. Pedaless has the power to transform your bike into an electric one and improve your driving speed. It does not pollute the environment. Most important of all, Pedaless will save you money and driving time.


Pedaless’s power lies in the Lithium-ion batteries. You charge the battery with a secure and specially designed charger. Its capacity makes the bike able to pass a great distance and it is completely noiseless. You will wait only a few hours for the battery to be fully charged. Because of its lightweight, the battery is easily transportable and you can charge it after every ride with Pedaless. Recharge it everywhere you go and at any time.


Powerful ENGINE and Intelligent CONTROLLER
Enjoy a long-distance bike drive with the Pedaless’s powerful engine. Spend the longest distance with the maximum speed permitted by law. Its mission is to make the bike a faster mean of transportation and upgrade the performance and the driving speed. Controller which is responsible for the engine, the software, the sensors and all the other small details that make Pedaless a unique experience. Its system handles all the signals, both incoming and outcoming of the device.


Pedaless application give you realtime connection with e-bike
= Apple Watch supported
= keep track on =
- battery
- power
- speed
- distance
and time driving e-bike Pedaless.
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Speed: 25km/h

Range: 25km+

Charge time: 3h<

Weight: ~3.5kg

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