What is Pedaless?
Pedaless is an innovative, one piece of device that transforms your bike into an electric one. You will enjoy the opportunity to have a faster bicycle as transportation mean. Also, you will be able to cycle a greater reach in the urban areas by saving time, financial resources and the most important of all - you will contribute to reducing the environmental air pollution.

How to setup Pedaless?
You place Pedaless in the rear part of the bike, then it is connected to the steering wheel through cable. The average setup time is around 3-5 minutes. To re-set or pull out Pedaless from your bike lasts 5 seconds.

How to order Pedaless?
The process is simple and fast. Customize your Pedaless device according to your style and preferences and click the button.

How fast can I drive my bike with Pedaless?
You can pass 25+ km at a speed of up to ~25 km per hour which is law-abiding.

How much does Pedaless weight and how to charge it?
The device weighs ~3.5kg. It does not make noise and it is charged with special, safe charger intended for lithium batteries that do not allow the device to overfill.

Is it safe to use on rainy days?
It is completely safe to ride your bike with Pedaless on rainy days.